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Life is More Fun When You Live It With a Friend

Refer A Friend and Enjoy A FREE Month

Whether you're working out, playing tennis, swimming laps or just enjoying a barbecued burger, it's always more fun when you do it with a friend. In fact, fitness experts will tell you that people who start an exercise program are more likely to succeed when they do it with a friend.

Now, with our Refer A Friend program, Bay-O-Vista gives you one more reason to invite a friend.  Every time you refer a friend that becomes a member in good standing*, you'll be credited with ONE FREE MONTH'S dues.  Now when your friend and/or their family join it's like a double bonus.

Conditions do apply, so see below or contact the club during business hours for details. You can refer as many friends as you like. Now referring a friend at Bay-O-Vista is even more rewarding! So start referring friends today and get set to accrue an unlimited number of free months immediately.


Whenever a "member in good standing"* refers a person for membership and that person has never before been a member, the existing member will be credited with one month's free dues once the new member has reached his/her six-month membership anniversary. The name of the referred member must be given to the person at the Bay-O-Vista front desk and put on the REFERRAL LIST prior to that member's signing a contract with Bay-O-Vista. You may email (swim@bovswim.com), call (510-357-8366), or deliver the name of your referral in person. Our REFERRAL LIST will remain active for as long as the REFER A FRIEND program is in place. You may refer as many people as you want. You may accrue credit for any number of referred members that join after their name is on the LIST.  A family referral counts as one (1) referral regardless of the number of family members. This credit cannot, under any circumstances, be converted to cash, and can only be used to cover regular club dues.

*A Member In Good Standing is a member whose dues and other obligations to Bay-O-Vista are current.




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